Some mechanics keep these auto repair tricks to themselves; now it’s revealed for everybody to see. This breakthrough discovery will astound you because auto repair is actually easy and can save you time and cost!

With all the new technological gadgets being introduced to our vehicle, it’s not a surprise that most drivers will shy away from repairs as soon as their cars or trucks start acting up. Some of these vehicles are so complicated that it seems you have to take an engineering degree just to do an oil change. There is no escaping from this fact because all vehicle manufacturers are doing it. Why? because there is a race for the best vehicle that delivers excellent fuel mileage, better efficiency of operation, great maintenance and whatever factors or edge to corner their respective market.

This of course resulted in more complicated vehicle which is almost beyond the comprehension of the ordinary driver. And with the coming of the hybrid vehicles, these phenomena will still become extreme so that drivers will almost be totally cut from managing their vehicles. This can be attributed primarily to more expensive tools in diagnosing these vehicles. The average small guy will then undergo to a more stiff uphill battle to perform auto repairs in their vehicles.

Fast forward 2016 where right this very minute, any driver can join an online auto repair advisory club where not only you will be given the fighting chance to fix your vehicle but also give you constant updates to all this HI TECH information. These clubs are plentiful and just waiting for you to be a member of communities of DIY (do it yourselfers) who took upon themselves to be educated on the latest fixes on their vehicles. So what is really the mechanics secret in fixing your vehicle right now? Guess what? INFORMATION!!! which you can have as soon as you click your mouse. This is the equalizer many drivers have been waiting for so long to offset the confusing technology being rammed to their throats.

To give you a quick example; if you are a member of ATS, these information are waiting for you:

  • Latest common fixes for your particular vehicle in the last 5 years (2007-2012)
    Wiring diagrams for your vehicle to help you in troubleshooting
    Service bulletins and manufacturer recalls for any vehicle both imported and domestic
  • Illustrative automotive video to help you understand on how auto repair is done quickly for you
  • Coverage is good up to 2012 models for any vehicle!
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    These above INFORMATION will be given to you as soon as you become a member and it has a lifetime guarantee for as long as you own the same 2 vehicles. No monthly fees and all you get are continuous service from day one. And the best part is... a licensed technician will guide you ONE ON ONE every time you have an auto repair problem. This is an excellent bargain because you will be personally guided so you can quickly understand troubleshooting any day of the week. It’s like having a service advisor 24/7 to help you save money and time in auto repairs. So what are you waiting for? ATS service has a 90 days (money back) trial period so there is no risk to you.


    Have you considered buying a new hybrid vehicle? Although it seems to be a better choice to save gas and promote environment protection, have you considered that it will have some major repair problems after you got it?

    • There too few mechanics that can work work on it. If they can, they will be highly trained so that they are only available in the dealership. When this occurs, you better have lots of budget if you or the smaller independent garages cannot service it. (ATS has lots of common fixes for hybrids that a DIYs person can do safely).
    • HYBRID engines will need special tools and complicated equipments in order to be worked on. (Not anymore, in 2014 ATS has affordable tools that can fix hybrid vehicles using the DLC and a voltmeter!
    • Just because hybrid cars save gas and the environment, the upfront cost of buying one is normally almost $6000 more than the average non-hybrid vehicles! (Since hybrids are really expensive, ATS recommends buying newer diesel power vehicles instead and will show you how to get the BEST fuel economy and lots of pulling power... this is the popular trend in Europe and Asia!)

    Finally, there are lots of good non-hybrid cars being sold and if you think of making a saving in expenses for auto repairs, I would concentrate on buying them first! For the hybrid vehicles…I would wait for a few years before buying one until they become mainstream. Or at least, when the above issues or any hybrid vehicle auto repair problems are resolved like better government tax credits and their auto repair fixes become common and reasonable.

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