Why get an auto repair manual? When your vehicle is down, you need a quick reference and that's when auto repair manuals are really useful! In 2012 and you can access this auto repair information using a mobile device and it's even better!


With all the complexity of modern vehicles nowadays, everyone needs accurate information on how to repair your vehicle. An auto repair manual will give that information to you if you know what to do. You can buy a printed manual near you or if you use the computer a lot, maybe download it from the Internet. Shown below are some criteria on how it done properly so you can get the exact information for your vehicle.

Auto repair manuals:

Using the type and model year of your vehicle, you can buy any of these printed manuals which are readily available in your nearest parts store. All you need is to match the type and model of your vehicle and you can get the specific auto repair manual for it. These manuals come in 3 types:

  • Chilton auto repair manuals, good for the do it yourselfers (for domestic vehicles).

  • Haynes auto manuals, good for the do it yourselfers (mostly European imports).
  • Motor auto repair manuals, good for the mechanics who have the training and tools
  • If you don’t want to pay for it, you can also go to the nearest public library and borrow the book from the library for a one time fee. These service manuals are available which you can keep for a week or two until you fixed the vehicle problem. And mind you, any repair or maintenance information are covered.

    Online auto repair manuals

    If you Google the service manual for your vehicle like if you own a 2001 Ford Mustang and search that same keyword with the word “manual” beside it, you will get a list of manuals which you can download after you pay some downloading fee. Some services also offer CDs of the manual which can be mailed to you. But the beauty of the downloadable feature is instant access whereas the later one will take some time and the added cost of delivery.

    All the above manuals can be bought depending on your situation like if you need the maintenance, operational or the most common, service manuals. The more detailed and comprehensive, the more expensive is your auto repair manual. At the end of the day, what you are looking for is the accurate information so you can fix your vehicle quick.

    Mobile auto repair information:

    One practice that is gaining popularity in the Internet is using your mobile device to get auto repair information. This is the best option if you consider the savings it will give because a licensed technician will give you exactly the auto repair information that garages are using to fix any vehicle and share his knowledge with you for a membership fee.

    And the auto repair information is given to you live! There is no waiting and the information given is fresh because you can basically get it within minutes. You can do it either by text or phone and it's like the mechanic advisor is working beside you.

    Your learning curve is shortened; any specific information about your vehicle is also given to you whenever you need it at anytime and location available as long as you can access your mobile device such as cell phone or blackberry. Whenever the technician sends you information, you can save it and print it for your safe keeping later. You can assure yourself that those information is exactly what you want so you can solve your vehicle problem quickly.

    Mobile online auto repair communication such as ATS is available to serve you 24/7 and is only a click away from your mouse or mobile device. Coverage is good up to 2012 models and includes both Import and Domestic vehicles. It is also guaranteed for 90 days (no question asked) and therefore is not a risk to you. What are you waiting for?

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