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Running a vehicle in good shape is one of the responsibilities we have if we are to save costs in car maintenance. Simple jobs such as changing oil, fixing flat tires and replacing light bulbs should be a task everyone should be able to do. One of the problem as a vehicle owner is how to choose the right automotive tools for your vehicle.

A lot of this depends on what you are trying to accomplish but it all goes down to your budget. As the saying goes, the more you do the repair on your own, the more you need a good set of automotive tools. By exploring the various options below, one might decide the better choice in buying the right set of automotive tools.

Basic automotive tools

As mentioned already above, if you want to do your own oil change, you could probably buy your own set of hand tools to do this. If you read the maintenance manual of the vehicle, the exact sizes of the wrenches will be indicated there. A good set of oil pan can also be added and a container to get rid of the used oil. A set of tire socket wrench and complete set of tire jack can also be useful.

Note: if you notice, the tire jack that comes with your new vehicle is usually useless and you need to buy a good set from your local parts store. And if you buy a set of pliers and screw drivers, you should be fine replacing the light bulbs. Don’t forget to include a set of combination wrenches.


Troubleshooting automotive tools

A digital voltmeter always is needed if you want to do diagnostics. And if you accompanied that with a test light that is safe to use for electronics, you can almost do some easy wiring jobs like testing the fuses and checking sensors, relays including your own engine computer. Don’t forget to include a st 125 spark tester and the noid light tester so you can perform no starting troubleshooting. Finally, a cheap engine code scanner should be included if you want to test the check engine light problems. You can buy a cheap scanner for under $50.

Why buy these automotive scan tools?

If one looks at the present rate automotive garages are charging, you can probably see that even if all these automotive tools will cost you around $300-$500, it is still a good investment. In one visit to a garage with an engine code problem; it might pay you almost half the cost already if you have your own automotive scan tools. Imagine the savings if you do around 3 visits a year and multiply that by 5 years if you want to keep your vehicle that long.

Sometimes, garages will charge you $100 an hour just putting their scanner in your vehicle and they have not actually done any actual repairs yet! if you have your own scanner and it has all the features of live data system monitor, chances are, these automotive scan tools can even help you fixed it yourself especially if you are an ATS member.

handy tools

So if you want to save money and time in auto repairs, getting your own basic automotive tools and scanner is the natural thing to do. And the sooner it is done, the better for you and the more you will save money by buying your own automotive tools.

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