Automotive wiring tips designed only for your vehicle so you can start your own vehicle electrical troubleshooting now!

These free automotive wiring diagrams tips are actually your short cuts to electrical troubleshooting...once you understood how to use it, you will be hooked and your confidence built up!

Consider a 5 year old North American vehicle with all its electronics control and gadgets. What is your chance if your vehicle breakdown and for you to fix it? Unless you have the necessary training, it is safe to say that it is remote. But miraculously, if you know the automotive wiring diagram of your vehicle, your chances just got better!

Automotive wiring is your electrical guide of your vehicle which defines how it works, functions and operates. All the detailed electrical components are displayed including their wiring colors and locations. The function of each circuit is also shown so that every wire connections is described which you need for testing. Operation wise, this automotive wiring can be tested in different modes. Example, you can test it with ignition key off without a load; with key on engine off or KOEO or do it with key on engine running called KOER. These modes will not give you the same reading because the electrical wirings are in different state of load.

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Automotive wiring general guide for electrical troubleshooting:

1.) Know the common fix of your electrical problem before doing anything. Why mess around with automotive wiring or electrical troubleshooting if the fix is just to change a simple stuff like a battery? If you just simply ask anybody who has fixed your electrical problem before, then you might find the fix right away and guest what? You will stop stressing yourself!

2.) Find out the dangers to yourself before getting involved with automotive wiring. Your safety and people around you is your top priority. If you damage your car, it can be replaced but if you get hurt or killed then you might regret it for the rest of your life.

3.) Once both 2 conditions above are met then jump right in! Making a mistake is a great way to learn something and this is the best experience that you can get. School is great but nothing beats experience in automotive wiring!

Here are 3 simple steps in usingautomotive wiring diagram of your vehicle:

  • Get a specific wiring diagram for your vehicle. A lot of times, you can get it free from the local parts store if you are nice to them. You can even buy them cheap online if you search it from Google. A one vehicle subscription can cost you anywhere from $5 to $25 per vehicle depending on model year

  • Read and study your vehicle wiring diagram and give emphasis on these important items: power, ground sources and how to trace the wires and circuits by knowing the electrical paths and wiring colors. Searching automotive wiring diagrams or electrical troubleshooting in You Tube is one of the best video source of information.
  • Action is the best solution to any problem and to actually do automotive troubleshooting is the best way to learn. Like I said, if you are nice to the parts store, they can also recommend to you the best tool or automotive manual so you can start troubleshooting today.

Think about the positive: How much can you save if you can cut your garage visits once you learned automotive electrical troubleshooting. Imagine the savings in time alone because you don’t have to make appointments and commute to your garage? No need to fear jobs like this because you are not mechanically inclined or have no experience in tracing automotive wirings!

If you are a member of ATS, all kinds of automotive wiring tips will be given in forms of common fixes and automotive wiring diagram instructions made exclusively for your vehicle. The latter comes with easy testing procedures so you can understand the circuits to your SPECIFIC vehicle NOT for general application. Specific automotive wiring means the the location of the component and circuit and testing it without using expensive complicated tools. We use the latest 2014 automotive wiring techniques by analyzing the best and practical way used by top mechanics only with one difference:

You can do it regardless of your qualifications and get inner confidence in the process!

For most vehicles made between 2003-2012, if you experience a NO START or intermittent engine cutting out coupled with weird lights in your dash, check the diagnostic link connector (DLC) where the scanner is hooked up. Check voltage between pin 4 or pin 5 and measured against pin 6 or pin 14, if you fail to get an average of 2.5 volts, you have a wiring problem in your data communication lines. No amount of troubleshooting using a scanner will fix it because the engine modules are not communicating. The ONLY solution is to get the exact engine wiring diagram so you can pinpoint the defective module that you can isolate and fix it. Most top mechanics can fix this type of problem using a voltmeter that you can buy from your local parts store. NO scanner needed!

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