Hybrid Car Repairs Secrets

Find out everything about hybrid car repair secrets before buying your first new or used hybrid vehicle. This information was gathered by a technician with you in mind so you can get the latest technical information about hybrid vehicles.

Hybrid cars repairs are issues you have to deal with when buying hybrid vehicle. There is no ifs and buts about it and if you are a new buyer, you might be in for a surprise. If you are thinking of saving gas and plan in buying a hybrid vehicle, you might as well find out as much information as you can because hybrid car repairs problem is one of them.

Since 2001, hybrid vehicle has been sold in North America and many hybrid owners have different experience on the benefits and problems of these vehicles. This review is written here to give you some insights on hybrid ownerships.

From the mechanics point of view, my concerns only is to present to you the most relevant hybrid car repairs information. For the new hybrid vehicles, most of them will be covered with factory regular warranty of 3 years or about 36,000 miles.

Depending on the factory dealers, that 3 years coverage is greatly mis-understood because some emission parts like catalytic converter could be covered up to 80,000 miles. Sometimes this applies also to sensitive electrical components such as the engine computer and batteries.

It is after the warranty period that most owners are most concern because this is when the most repair expense will occur. You then have a choice to get the extended warranty so you can protect your investment after the regular coverage.


And assuming you do not have a warranty coverage or has bought a used hybrid vehicle, then you need to know your options. Here are some hybrid car repairs questions which might be of interest to you:

What shops can work on your hybrid vehicles?
What is the most expensive parts you need to buy?
What labour rate are you expected to pay?
What labour rate are you expected to pay?
What mpg savings will you get?

From a driver who owns a used hybrid vehicle, these questions are significant because this can ultimately give an indication if your investment is worth it or not.

A hybrid car's regular maintenance will still need repairs such as air filters, tires upkeep, alignment and brakes. The latter is actually cheaper because the brake pads is used less since the braking system uses the vehicles kinetic energy to stop the vehicle.

The tire itself is designed harder so it can handle higher tire pressure making it last longer. The battery pack is the most expensive part to replace but it can usually last longer than the hybrid vehicle itself. When buying a used hybrid, always ask for the condition of the battery pact because a new one will cost you about $2000 or more.

With regards to the hybrid power train, expect the components to be expensive. This requires close inspections when buying the vehicle so you can protect yourself. This is true when buying the vehicle from private transactions. If you can, get an extended warranty coverage in case the vehicle has over 100k miles. Although most hybrids will last longer than that, it gives you some room incase either the hybrid engine or electric motor fail.

Most garages will handle hybrid car repairs and maintenance as long as they have the proper hybrid technical certifications. The labor rates will be the same or a little more especially when handling delicate issues such as the power train and electronic circuits. However, it is advisable to bring it to the dealer when delicate hybrid repairs are required.

Finally, the gas savings in mpg of your hybrid vehicles given by the factory is actually lower when you use it. It is because those mpg ratings are measured at ideal conditions where the roads are flat and the vehicle driven properly. Best of all, it depends on how you drive it and how you take care the vehicle.

Over all, if you need to commute longer distances to your work, hybrid vehicle is still a better choice. And if you are better informed on the hybrid car repairs you need for maintenance, the more savings you will get.

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